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When you choose Pixelheap Productions to build your website, Pixelheap will donate 10% of your project's investment to the Children's Eye Foundation.

Why it's so important to us

This has been an incredible year here at Pixelheap Productions. We have met a lot of great people and brought a lot of terrific clients on board. That said, building a charity component into our work has always been an important initiative for us to realize. With ou r recent success and growth, there is no time like the present to pay it forward.

How it works

Every Pixelheap Productions project begins with a quote and a contract. When you choose to work with us, we finalize and sign a contract and Pixelheap donates 10% of your project's investment to the Children's Eye Foundation. It's a incredible opportunity for our company, that, as members of our community, parents, business people, and creative professionals, gives us a chance to give something back to a cause we believe in.

Help us realize our dream of helping provide eye care to children all over the world, by choosing Pixelheap Productions to build your website!

Children's Eye Foundation

About the Children's Eye Foundation

The Mission of the Children's Eye Foundation is to eliminate preventable blindness in children.

Almost 40 years after our inception, the Children's Eye Foundation's need and mission are more important than ever. Vision screening to detect vision problems in the preliterate child has been and will continue to be a prime focus, as early detection is critical for successful treatment. While we continue our emphasis on the eye disorders of children, we also focus on the condition of strabismus in patients of any age as part of our mission.

Learn more about the foundation, or click here to visit the Children's Eye Foundation website.

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